League of Legends, the immensely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Riot Games, has continued to evolve over the years. With each new season and patch, the game introduces changes to champions, items, and overall gameplay. In 2023, League of Legends has undergone significant developments, and one of the core aspects that has evolved is the concept of roles within the game.

In this article, we will explore the various roles in League of Legends as of 2023. These roles include top lane, jungle, mid lane, bot lane, and support, each serving a unique purpose in the game. We will delve into the responsibilities, strategies, and champion choices associated with each role, highlighting the meta and current trends within the League of Legends community.

Top Lane

The top lane in League of Legends is a solitary battleground where players face off in a 1v1 duel. In 2023, the top lane remains a crucial part of the game’s strategy, with various champion picks and playstyles. The primary objectives of a top laner are to secure farm, maintain vision control, and disrupt the enemy team.

Top lane champions are typically divided into three categories: tanks, bruisers, and split-pushers. Tanks, like Ornn and Malphite, are known for their durability and crowd control abilities, making them valuable for initiating team fights. Bruisers, such as Darius and Garen, focus on dishing out damage while being reasonably durable. Split-pushers, like Fiora and Jax, excel at pushing lanes and taking down towers.

In 2023, top lane diversity is at an all-time high. Players are experimenting with a variety of champions, and the meta is constantly shifting. Adaptability and understanding the match-up dynamics are key to success in the top lane.


The jungle role has been pivotal to League of Legends since its inception. Junglers are responsible for farming neutral monsters, ganking lanes, and controlling objectives like the Dragon and Baron Nashor. In 2023, the jungle has witnessed several changes, with new jungle paths, items, and champions entering the meta.

The role now encompasses a wide range of champions, each with its own unique strengths and playstyle. Some popular jungle champions in 2023 include Rengar, Lee Sin, and Hecarim for their early game aggression and mobility. Meanwhile, champions like Amumu and Zac bring strong initiation and crowd control to team fights.

Junglers are also integral to securing objectives and controlling the map. Vision, objective control, and synergy with the laners are vital aspects of jungle play. In 2023, junglers must constantly adapt to evolving strategies and changes in the jungle environment.

Mid Lane

The mid lane in League of Legends is often considered the center of action. Mid laners have the responsibility of controlling the map and providing strong damage output for their team. As of 2023, mid lane champions come in a wide variety, ranging from mages and assassins to control-oriented champions.

Mages like Syndra, Orianna, and Azir excel at dealing sustained damage and providing crowd control. Assassins, such as Zed and Akali, focus on eliminating key targets swiftly. Control mages like Anivia and Viktor dominate in the late game with their area denial abilities.

Mid laners are crucial in controlling objectives and roaming to help other lanes. They need to balance aggression with caution, as they are often a primary target for ganks. The mid lane meta in 2023 reflects the diverse champion pool, with opportunities for both burst damage and utility.

Bot Lane

The bot lane in League of Legends is a duo lane comprising an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) and a support. ADCs are responsible for dealing physical damage and carrying their team in the late game. Supports provide crowd control, vision, and protection for the ADC. In 2023, the bot lane continues to be a dynamic duo.

Popular ADCs in 2023 include Jhin, Kai’Sa, and Aphelios, each with unique mechanics and playstyles. Support champions like Thresh, Leona, and Seraphine offer a mix of engage and utility to complement their ADC.

Bot lane dynamics are heavily influenced by the synergy between the ADC and support. Map awareness, vision control, and proper positioning are vital for bot lane success. The bot lane is also essential for securing the Dragon, as it’s closer to the pit, making it a strategic battleground.


Supports are the unsung heroes of League of Legends, often responsible for setting up plays and protecting their teammates. In 2023, the support role has seen various changes and innovations.

Support champions are typically divided into categories such as engage, peel, and enchanters. Engage supports, like Alistar and Nautilus, initiate fights with crowd control abilities. Peel supports, such as Janna and Lulu, protect their allies with shields and crowd control. Enchanters, like Seraphine and Yuumi, provide healing and utility to their team.

Supports must adapt to the needs of their team and the state of the game. Warding, map control, and roam timing are key aspects of support play. In 2023, the support role remains critical for ensuring the survival and success of the ADC.

League of Legends 2023 Meta and Trends

The meta in League of Legends is constantly evolving, influenced by patch updates, balance changes, and professional play. As of 2023, several trends and strategies are prominent in the game:

  1. Diverse Champion Pool: In 2023, the champion pool for each role is more diverse than ever. Players are experimenting with unconventional picks, which can catch opponents off guard.
  2. Objectives: Objective control, particularly around the Dragon and Baron Nashor, is paramount. Teams that secure these objectives gain significant advantages, making them a central focus for both professional and casual play.
  3. Roaming and Map Control: Players are placing a strong emphasis on map control, effective warding, and roaming to support other lanes. This helps secure advantages and control the flow of the game.
  4. Flex Picks: Flex picks have become a common strategy, where champions can be played in multiple roles. This provides a strategic advantage by keeping opponents guessing.
  5. Early Game Aggression: The early game is crucial, and champions with strong early game presence are highly sought after. Early leads can often snowball into victory.
  6. New Items: The introduction of new items and item reworks in recent patches has led to shifts in the meta as players experiment with different build paths and strategies.


In 2023, League of Legends continues to evolve, and the roles within the game remain as vital as ever. Each role brings a unique set of responsibilities and strategies, contributing to the complex and dynamic nature of the game. As the meta shifts, players must adapt, experiment, and stay up to date with the latest trends to find success on the Summoner’s Rift. Whether you’re a top laner, jungler, mid laner, ADC, or support, League of Legends offers a diverse and engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

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